I'm Taylor and I rather be near trees.

Favorite Song (ft. Childish Gambino)
by Chance The Rapper


if her legs aren’t shaking when you’re done then you’re not done

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Nothing says “I like you a lot” like a hand around your throat during sex.

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  • boys: if ur slutty enough to send a nude pic then u deserve to have it shared everywhere lmao
  • boys: please send me nudes baby you're so beautiful i just wanna see more of you please baby i thought you loved me

  • Pretty When You Cry
    by Lana Del Rey



    deciding i was pretty was the best thing that i ever did

    one day i was just like

    fuck this im pretty

    and i was

    i’m reblogging this twice because this is probably the truest statement I’ve ever come across. And it holds power and ability for every person struggling within themselves. use this because it will make a difference in your life.

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